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Personal Statement (Oxford)

Personal Statement Every year, thousands of people all over the world apply the best of themselves to Oxford. Some believe in the distinguished faculties producing groundbreaking research that addresses critical issues facing our academia, while the others believe in the synergy between fundamental and applied research and the â€Å"The Lord is my light† approach, which foster intellectual partnerships between faculties and students. As an up-coming graduate in Economics, I yearned to further my postgraduate study for an Oxford master programme in the School of Geography and the Environment because of a passion running deep inside my thought.The passion is rooted from the place where I grew up, and sparked by a practice of enviromental change research I experienced recently. I grew up in Zhongwei, Ningxia, China — a small oasis located in the junction between the Yellow River and Tengri Desert in northwestern China. My feeling on this land has been a complex mixture of love and sigh, as folks are nurtured by this land, but also tortured by frequent sand storms and very dry weather. During my college life in Jiangsu University, I, as a volunteer, participated in a research project to study the environmental changes and the corresponding socio-economic effects around Shapotou.I was impressed by the fresh scene of Shapotou, the place where once engulfed by desert has been covered mostly by vegetation. Because of the success in desert-control, Shapotou is known as a â€Å"Miracle in the history of the world’s desertification control†. I was honored to be invited to participate in the field investigation led by Professor A from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Through participating in the research project, I obtained the knowledge on the history of the desert movement and principles governing the desertification control.I have also learned that the achievement of Shapotou desertification control project has attracted the attention of expe rts and scholars from many parts of the world, including the Dean of St Cross College of Oxford University, Professor who visited Tengri Desert with Professor Huang in 2007. Deeply impressed with the success of desertification control at Shapotou, I have been very interested in topics related to geography and environmental conservation since then. For this, I have done some studies on climate change, ecological protection, energy conservation and environmental economics. I have also been keeping in a close contact with Prof.A for consulting and discussing issues on geographical and environmental aspects. Through my contacts with Professor A, who used to be a research fellow at Oxford University, and many other sources including the information shown on the website of Oxford University, I understand well that Oxford University is one of the leading universities in geography in the world. Following my passion and maturing self-conscious, I started to draw my own blueprint catiously â €“ I would make all my effort to earn an offer from Oxford University for studying in the programme of Nature, Society and Environmental Policy.Armed by the knowledge and skills I gained from my college study, I will dedicate myself on environmental protection in my hometown. I am truly convinced that choosing to become an Oxford’s â€Å"dark blue† is the best choice to fullfill my life’s pursuit. I sincerely hope that I can be admitted as a postgraduate student of Oxford University, and I am very confident of my capability for completing my studies at Oxford University.

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Machiavelli The prince Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Machiavelli The prince - Essay Example Although some scholars perceive his theories as real and well grounded, there is a lot of opposition to the kind of power that Machiavelli advocates for. In reality, Machiavelli, in his political theories, propounded a doctrine of evil, contrary to the expectation of the contemporary political democracy. Machiavelli claims that naturally political leaders are bound to offend those who they govern to gain power over them and be able to control them. He explicitly states that there is a natural and ordinary necessity that â€Å"†¦ one must always offend those over whom he becomes a prince†¦Ã¢â‚¬  to express his regard for the need of offense to exercise power over the citizens in a political sphere (8). Many critics have argued that these words of Machiavelli point out to a domineering kingship which ensures that the subjects of political systems are subdued to the worship of the king. In other words, the best king is one who is able to induce fear among his subjects to mak e them obedient and abiding to his leadership strategies. In the contemporary political systems, there is more criticism of autocratic leadership and use of force, torture or cruelty to suppress the opinions or ideas of the public. Democrats have advocated that leaders be more considerate of the public opinions to formulate a more integrative leadership and better governing principles. Reflecting on the words of Machiavelli, he is a proponent of evil leadership, a leadership that has no place in the modern political systems. Another reason why Machiavelli has been criticized as a preacher of evil is because of his advocacy for use of brute force rather than diplomacy in conquering enemies. He employs an analogical reference of the leadership of Moses and Cyrus who were both, in his opinion, armed with a force to drive their nations to success. Machiavelli provides that leaders have two options, either to beg to use force, yet he warns that â€Å"In the first case they always come t o ill and never accomplish anything†¦.† (23). Here, he suggests that leaders have to use force while handling their enemies otherwise they are doomed to fail. The evil that Machiavelli preaches here is that all nations rise against their enemies, engage their armed forces to conquer their enemies. Contemporarily, diplomacy is perceived to be a superior tool in initiating crisis management between rivalry countries. In modern political systems, the principles of Machiavelli seem to be completely inverted version of successful leadership. Today engagement of forces among rivalry countries is an in formidable evil that cannot be tolerated in the political spheres. From his theory, mercy, faith and love are sources of weaknesses of in political leaders and hatred, cruelty and exploitation are admirable in leadership. Machiavelli points out that the combat skills of a leader depend on their ability to use force and laws to maintain faith in the public domain. While recognizing that use of laws is more human and that use of forces is meant for animals, he proposes that both be engaged in political leadership. He commends that it is best to choose â€Å"†¦the fox and the lion†¦Ã¢â‚¬  because a prudent leaders should not show faith to the people (69). Critics have found a lot of evil in this statement that presumes that a

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School Crime Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

School Crime - Case Study Example Involvement in gangs, shootings, thefts and robberies etc. are common criminal acts. (Almond, 2008) One of the most practiced crimes in school shooting with handguns. This act is done mostly by the people who are mentally disabled, expelled students or a faculty who have been kicked out of school for certain reason or people who hold a grudge against other students. The profound reason behind these incidents is vengeance and it is occasionally found that the perpetrator (shooter) is killed in the incident. There are lots of cases that can be used to discuss the issue regarding crimes in schools. (Almond, 2008) The shootings Virginia Tech School on April 16, 2007 where the death toll was about 33 civilians is one of these incidents. A mentally retarded student got hold of guns and shot people that crossed his path. Many of the victims were students that were shot dead in their dorms and class rooms. There were two separate shooting attacks in campus at Blacksburg. The first attack took place in dormitory were two students were shot dead and after that another attack took place in a classroom building across campus which killed another 31 students. The witnesses who were in campus describe the horrific scenes where the students were lined up against the wall and were shot one by one. (Almond, 2008) These types of incidents leave a question mark on the American society, the law makers as well as the school environments. If these type of incidents can take place in developed countries then what about the underdeveloped countries In this incident, a quick action by the administration would have prevented the second attack but due to lack of communication and prompt reaction, massive killings occurred. (Sommer, 1984) If these type of situation remains in schools then what would be the future of the Youth. Would a student studying in a school become a scholar or a terrorist This incident imitated wide interest from the media and the hype left the policy makers revise their policies and led to gun control measures. Researches have shown that these crimes are also due to various other factors that include the environment of school, availability of weapons in the state, peer pressure among a certain age group and discrimination by the society in which an individual is living. Addressing these types of issues can also be fruitful for the society and can lead to favorable outcomes among schools. (Sommer, 1984) Another example of school crime is the shooting in Northern Illinois School which led to 6 casualties. The shooting occurred in the lecture hall of the school at around 3 pm when a person dressed in black emerged suddenly into lecture hall and opened fire. The administration identified that the shooter as a former graduate student in sociology who was enrolled in 2007 but then left. The administration of the school was put on alert immediately and the students were informed by emails, text msgs, alarms, media, and voicemail about the incident. (Rubel, 1981) These types of incidents can lead to very huge type of problem. The schools have to take some serious actions against this type of incident. To tackle these types of incidents the weapons systems should be used in campuses and metal detectors should be used to avoid these types of horrible incidents. Every student coming in campus should be

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Does History Repeat itself Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Does History Repeat itself - Research Paper Example Today, we still relive the sinking of Titanic. The truly amazing invincible ship created by mankind was said to be unsinkable. Now we glance back and say if perhaps those who work in charge might have listened. There are several events in everyday life that warrant listening, or even the outcome may cause the painful regrets. Then, you will find others which are like water on the duck’s back; you are able to shake them back. Whenever we don’t remember to learn from history, it’s determined to repeat itself. There's a prediction in the Bible that will repeat itself, and the sad thing is that people still won’t listen (Gary L. Pleasant). Based on some school of thoughts, â€Å"The things which took place within history will never be same happening in present. Instances might occur which are similar, but they are never exactly similar. To investigate this statement we must know precisely what's meant by the phrase ‘History always repeats itself’ . History is written down records of the past, but there might be several versions of the event. Always means all the time, constantly, constantly and continuously. And repeat means something which happens over and over without exceptions. Therefore the statement means an event needs to occur continuously in the same situation again and again over time, with similar factors influencing it. It's impossible for something to occur over and over without exception also it being exactly the same as time before, because things are never stand still; also it can never be the same as the previous time (Harbison, 1990). Based on another school of thoughts, history record of events, as of the life span and development of people or institution, often including a reason of or commentary on those events. History includes a long and wide perspective for example the histories of people, the greater society as in historical events, kings, queens, wars, a history of Vikings, chronicle of volcanoes an d natural events, an inmate with history of drug abuse, chronicle from the rivalry, history of Shakespeare etc. Chesterton continues this simile the following: â€Å"Without some such contrast or comparison, without some such shifting from the perspective, we ought to see nothing whatever in our own social surroundings. We ought to take them for granted since the only possible social surroundings.† (Scott, 2007) Undoubtedly â€Å"history does repeat itself†; being human no-one can ever appear to go above greed, envy, hatred, blood lust, and desire to have power, resulting engage in same scenarios again and again. Taking into consideration illustration of 1812, when Napoleon headed French Troops into Russia for number of reasons. Only because of insufficient proper planning entire invasion along with a tendency to reside from the land drawn in early pushes, Napoleon’s Army was defeated through the Russian weather. Likewise in 1942 Hitler ordered about 4. 5 millio n German along with other Axis troops to invade into Russia, due to the fact he thought simple to use target. Because of insufficient proper planning full extent of invasion and ability of the Soviet Army to trade land and soldiers for time, Hitler’s Army was defeated. Both in examples the leaders exceeded their grasp seriously underestimated the resolve from the Russian/Soviet people and government. Logistical difficulties reared their head, due to the

Explanation Of Two Financial Giant Merger Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Explanation Of Two Financial Giant Merger - Essay Example It is apparent that due to increased local and international stiff competition in the banking sector, many organizations have resorted to mergers. Nevertheless, these merges have to be well planned for and articulated in a manner that would lay a firm foundation for the newly formed organization to maintain competitive advantage (Yates 7). One of such things that must be considered is the applicability of information system. With online banking services being on the increase, banks are very sensitive on how they engage in information system in order to retain and attract new customers. The case of merger between Wells Fargo and Wachovia is no exceptional to the importance of prioritizing on integration of information system in their merger. In fact, having been familiar with purchasing and merging smaller banks and failing institutions especially in 2006, just before the merger with Wachovia took place, Wells Fargo is cited to have had been successful and had steady increase in stock value. In this regard, for such an achievement to take place, information system plays an important role in enhancing the success.... In light of this, it was crucial for the two firms to integrate information system in their merger in order to strengthen their approach on information system matters. Perhaps, one of the firms could have a workforce with proficient information system, but lacking personnel to propel such knowledge to a higher notch while the other could be having ideas of propelling such ideas, but lacking people to propel them. In such a case, integrating information system in the merger would have created a strong information system (Prakken 7). 2. It is apparent that although integration of information system in the merger was crucial and enabled the merger to be successful, difficulties were noted by the two firms. For instance, after being successful in most of its mergers before the merger acquisition of Wachovia, Wells Fargo had been successful in these mergers. The firm was well aware of the challenges of such a merge especially with a firm recording decrease in stock value. In essence, it i s evident when a firm is recording decrease in stock value, either it’s IT or the human resource or both could be less functional. In this regard, there was a challenge of incorporating the information system of Wachovia. This is because it could have been the one that led to decrease in its stock value. However, although there could be some aspects of it that was significant, the effort to identify and incorporate such aspects in the new merger could have been difficult as well. On the other hand, human resource that manages the information is system is very important. Therefore, if the Wachovia’s human resource was incompetent and probably leads to the downfall of the firm, then it is apparent that there were difficulties in incorporating it into the

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Gender as a victim Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gender as a victim - Assignment Example Moreover, in the case of Emily the attitudes, perception and situations were the key factors regarding the aspect of gender that contributed to the vulnerability of the victim. Morgan & Chadwick (2009) concluded that with having negative attitudes affects the life of couple. In this case, it has been reflected that the behaviour of Emily’s husband towards her was negative and depicted criminal activities. Besides, VicHealth (2009) stated that attitudes of violence-supporting are high in males due to gender biases. On the other hand perception also influences one to commit crimes and restrain other to commit the same. Likely, the situation i.e. the husband wife relationship and the dominance of male over the female is major gender contribution factor of vulnerability of the victim in case of Emily. Criminal activities especially the sexual violence has significant impact both on physical as well as mental condition over the victim and cause physical injury. Based on the analysis of the provided victim case it can be affirmed that anger and the feeling of superiority led Emily’s husband to commit crime. In this context, Truman (2011) concluded that male genders during the time of frustration, express their anger and negativity towards others especially their better half as in the case of Emily. In this regard it can be affirmed that individual perpetrator factor i.e. attitude of Emily husband, lenient behaviour of Emily over the crime, short temperedness can be perceived as a key factor of crime. Moreover, material relationship and the community perspective i.e. high level of dominance of male over the females are few reasons of crime (Cooper & Smith, 2011) played a prior role in committing crime against Emily (Jewkes, 2012; NCDSV, 2003). Moreover, lack of knowledge and the male dominating attitude leads to crime and victimization. With regard to the criminal case of Emily, one of the major lacunas in the judicial

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Personal statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Personal statement - Essay Example I am emotionally stable, responsible, and mature in looking at various perspectives of human behavior. I have developed the skill to deal effectively with people from all walks of life. By recognizing that listening skills are critical, I became more sensitive and compassionate to others, especially those who need understanding and emotional strength. I developed good communication and writing skills. The courses I took during my years pursuing a degree in commerce developed my leadership skills and analytical skills enabling me to critically analyze problems and opt to choose the most appropriate solution. I am extremely patient and persevering recognizing the fact that most psychological treatments of patients take considerably long periods of time. The skills I have developed in giving attention to details, being analytical, having leadership skills, being patient and persevering, and being theoretically equipped to understand patterns of behavior and mental processes would assist me in future