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Bermuda Triangle Essay Example For Students

Bermuda Triangle Essay BERMUDA : THE SATAN’S RINGIntroduction:A legendary triangle of Ocean lies between 3 countries upon the Atlanticocean. The Cities are Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale. Ships, people and aeroplanes have been reported mysteriously disappearing off the face of the earth whilst travelling inside this triangle. It soon acquired the name Devils Triangle owing to peoples superstitions that the devil was at play on this stretch of ocean and gobbling up weary and lost travellers with great delight, but what actually was at play inside this triangle of rough water, is it really the devil?, or perhaps aliens are using this spot as their home base on earth. Maybe it really does contain a mystical vortex that sucks people down into a third dimension. The myth of the mysterious triangle was first begun in an Associated Press dispatch Reporter E.V. W. Jones wrote of mysterious disappearances of ships and planes between the Florida coast and Bermuda. Two years after this article appear ed Fate magazine ran an article by George X. Sand about a series of strange marine disappearances, each leaving no trace whatever, that have taken place in the past few years in a watery triangle bounded roughly by Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. It was not long before ideas and suggestions started forming about this piece of ocean. M.K. Jessup wrote about the disappearances and gave ideas about alien intelligences being behind them in the book The Case for the UFO. The view was also echoed by Donald E. Kyhoe who is noted for his The Flying Saucer Conspiracy of 1955. Frank Edwards (Stranger Than Science) agreed with the theory of aliens having a local hangout in the triangle as well. Finally a man by the name of Vincent H. Gaddis came up with the phrase BermudaTriangle. Throughout the years it has featured in many many articles, books, television series and movies and always portrayed as a very real and mysterious thing, but anyone out there with any sense surely will ask themselves how in this day and age could boats, planes and other travellers just go mysteriously missing in a certain piece of water? Geography:The area of the Atlantic Ocean popularly referred to as the Bermuda Triangle is a complete enigma and has proven t o be so for much of recorded history. Many seemingly inexplicable occurrences and disappearances have taken place in this particular area. No rational explanation that will satisfy the materialistic parameters of the typical scientist has been offered that would account for all the mysterious happenings that have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle during the course of many thousands of years. Where is the Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle lies vaguely east of Florida. Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami are said to be the points of this legendary triangle. However, the U.S. government denies the existence of these borders. Many phenomena enthusiasts claim that the triangle is not truly a triangle but a general area of water found east and southeast of North America. In any event, the geography of the area is awe-inspiring and deeply misunderstood. The humid subtropical climate of the region brings with it heavy rainfall and high temperatures. An annual rainfall in excess of 60 inc hes (152 cm) can be expected. Though much this rainfall is mostly spread evenly through the year, hurricanes and harsh thunderstorms occasionally drop 10 inches of rain within hours. This area is well known by geographers for the sudden nature of its storms. There have been many reports of complete whiteouts being formed in seconds. Waterspouts and extremely strong winds are dangerous elements that often accompany these storms. The topography of the ocean floor bottom is surprising to many that sail the area. It is commonly believed that this whole area is very shallow. This is true near to the Florida coastline, but as the North Atlantic Continental Shelf breaks off only miles away, depths quickly reach as low as 12,000 feet. About 100 miles north of Puerto Rico is the deepest part of the Atlantic, the Puerto Rico Trench, estimated at 30,000 feet deep! The Florida Straits within this area are approximately 5000 feet deep. While people snorkel in the water only a few hundred feet de ep near the coasts of the islands and Florida and ships can be seen sunk in the clear blue waters, this area is incredibly deceptive. To this day, the ocean floor of this area has not been systematically mapped out. It is known that the ocean floor is littered with caves and varies greatly in depth. Phenomena noted in the area of the Bermuda Triangle: ? Glowing white water scanned from satellites ? A glowing green fogIncidents:The first legends of the Bermuda Triangle begin already with Cristopher Columbus. As a captain, he was greatly respected, and his brave sailing efforts helped revolutionize the world. Much of the information we have about Columbus is picked up directly from his journal, so we are able to trace his footsteps to the New World. His first problem occurred as he ran into the Sargasso Sea. The crew was greatly disappointed when seaweed and land birds were sighted, but after a few days no land was to be seen. Soon after, Columbus reported his compass acting strangely . He did not report this to his crew due to their deep superstitions. Days later, Columbus saw a large meteor fall from the sky. He described it as a large ball of light fallen from the sky. It is unsure whether he mentions this occurrences in awe, because of its great size, or in fright. Later in their trip, Columbus and a few crew members sighted a few dancing lights on the horizon. They wandered about in the Caribbean for over a week yet before sighting land. Since Columbus, as many as 100 ships and planes have been reported missing, taking over 1000 lives. A select few of them are reported here. The disappearance of the 504-foot T-2 tanker Marine Sulphur Queen near the Florida Keys in February 1963 is one of the most famous mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. It was only a year after her disappearance in 1964 that Vincent Gaddis coined the term Bermuda Triangle. As the largest ship to vanish in recent times (pre-1964), she became a central figure in the soon to be popular Bermuda Triangle. MSQ plied her trade of sulphur for 2 years without incident. In January 1963 her biennial check was required. Two weeks before her final voyage, she was recertified. This inspection had entailed her general alarm system, steering gear, engine telegraph, fire hose, navigation lights, portable fire extinguishers, life preservers, all machinery, all accessible spaces, and the boilers. All were passed. Eleven new life rings were added and life boats were all repaired. Moreover, the FCC now inspected and certified in good working order her radios, including those in her lifeboats. Even more, the Bureau of Shipping now made its annual inspection of the hull, machinery, the boilers again, and certified all in good condition. The disappearance of the MSQ is just another example of a ship fully inspected and certified, sailing out and then vanishing for no reason. On February 7 the Coast Guard was informed MSQ did not arrive. A hot line message was sent to try and raise the ship. When this failed a vast search entailing 348,400 square miles and 499.6 man hours failed to find a clue. By an anticlimactic coincidence, on February 20, a Navy Torpedo Retriever sighted something in the water during routine exercises. It was only 12 miles southwest of Key West. It was a fog horn. Close by a life preserver was found, then a sign board and life ring reading Marine Sulphur Queen. The search was reactivated, but no real clue could ever be found, only a few more pieces of debris were picked up, all grouped in the same area. There are many mysteries surrounding the loss of MSQ, but none so perplexing as her debris. Another one of the most famous stories to ever surround the Bermuda Triangle is the mysterious disappearance of the Naval Air Flight 19. On December 5th, 1945, five Avenger torpedo bombers left the Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale. They never returned home. The Avenger bombers contained 14 men, 13 of those were trainees in the last stages of their training. The five pilots had been recently transferred from the Miami Naval Air Station. They had no knowledge of flying over the Bahamas which was the direction Flight 19 was headed in. At one point the ComGulf Sea Frontier Evaluation Center thought it had pinpointed the flights approximate position; east of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and far to the north of the Bahamas.The first rescue craft was sent out was a Dumbo flying boat and it soon lost contact with the shore, leading all to believe that they had also lost the Dumbo. The problem turned out to be and iced over antenna. Within the hour more aircraft joined in the search. The weather was overcast and the seas were reported as rough and turbulent. A crew of a nearby ship reported of seeing an enormous sheet of fir e caused by the explosion of an aeroplane. The ship reported of passing through a large pool of oil soon after and not finding any survivors or bodies of the crashed aircraft. They did not try to retrieve any debris from the ocean as weather conditions were at this point deteriorating rapidly making it impossible for any kind of retrieval. No trace of the Mariner or Avengers have ever been found. Heroism And Myths EssayScience

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3 Criteria that Determine Whether the Manager Is Making Good Decisions

When a manager makes decisions, he/she thinks about the outcome of the affair. A good decision-making process is resulted in a successful project. This criterion may be considered as one of the signs that good decisions are made. The second criterion, which may determine whether the manager is making good decisions or not, is the possibility to meet the budget. Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on 3 Criteria that Determine Whether the Manager Is Making Good Decisions specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More There are always different risks which cannot be forecasted, but at the same time, the financial issues are usually stated and the possibility to meet them is a sign of good decisions-making skills. The third criterion, which helps a manager understand whether he/she makes a good decision, is the opportunity to follow the process. â€Å"Achieving success requires that a rational and explicit or structured decision proce ss be developed and used† (Powell Buede, 2008, p. 13). In other words, the decision process should be structured, without chaotic actions. To make sure that the made decisions are correct, it is always important to monitor the project, consider its results and critically analyze the whole process. Assumptions in Decision Making An assumption may be considered from different perspectives. Considering assumptions as a part of decisions making, it may be stated that this notion means responsibility a manager should dear. The most spread assumptions which usually go with any decision a manager works on are assumptions about information (the necessity to get necessary information on time and reduce the possession of limited information to minimum), assumptions of unitary actors (the possibility to involve other people in the process of decision making), and assumptions about the nature of the problem (the responsibility to define the problem correctly). The possibility to cope w ith those assumptions shows a manager a good decision maker (Ahmed Triana, 2008). Assumption Scenarios To understand the main idea of the assumptions and the influence of those on the decisions-making process and the results, it is necessary to check the specific examples. The automobile and airplane industries are going to be considered.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More An automobile manufacturer’s assumption is that the demand for SUVs would continue because gas prices would continue to rise. The accuracy of this assumption cannot be put under question as SUVs are famous for their better efficiency. The raise of the fuel prices does not encourage people for buying cars with high fuel consumption. Otherwise, they try to find something based on economy issues. To test the credibility of this assumption, it is possible to conduct a research and identify the periods wh en fuel prices were high and when they were low along with the car buying statistics. The comparison and contrast of the information may help us understand whether the assumptions for decisions making are correct or not. An airline’s assumption that there was a need for an airline that provided no added amenities may be considered as a bad one for decisions making. Those who used this assumption for decisions making were mistaken as a results the decision to increase the number of airplanes did not make additional profit. Those who made this decision failed to conduct a research, understand the necessities of the company, and set correct objectives. It may be said, that they violated the assumption of information, having taken wrong facts for granted. Reference List Ahmed, K. Triana, E. S. (2008). Strategic environmental assessment for policies: an instrument for good governance. Washington: World Bank Publications. Powell, R. A. Buede, D. M. (2008). The Project Managerâ⠂¬â„¢s Guide to Making Successful Decisions. London: Management Concepts. This essay on 3 Criteria that Determine Whether the Manager Is Making Good Decisions was written and submitted by user Braden Cochran to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Artificial Intelligeny essays

Artificial Intelligeny essays Currently there is a lot of research going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence research is not only to create robots, but to really understand what intelligence is, and at the same time understand the way our human brain thinks and works. Inevitably this research will lead to the creation of some very smart robots that will think and act much like humans do. When we say Artificial Intelligence we mean something that is able to make some sort of decisions provided some given data. And artificial intelligence does not necessarily have to be a robot or anything like it. A computer chess program is a perfectly legitimate example of Artificial Intelligence. Today most of the people not in the field of computers or electronics have a totally different idea of what Artificial Intelligence is. When people hear Artificial Intelligence they automatically think of robots such as the ones in movie the Terminator. People have this crazy idea of robots taking over the world which is not entirely true. If Artificial Intelligence really existed the way people think about Artificial Intelligence, then the world would be a totally different place. Assuming that there were intelligent robots or machines that were absolutely no different than humans, what would we do? Considering them as humans; giving them the same rights and privileges as we do to humans would be a hard thing to do. Discriminating and separating them from us would also be hard since they feel the same way, and love the same way. Again assuming that robots will love the same way humans do since theoretically speaking if carbon is capable of creating feelings so will silicon. First of all, why would humans discriminate against robots or Artificial Intelligence in general? There are several reasons why humans would. Robots will be immortal which would make their population grow faster, and over long periods of time they will be more r...

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Analysis of the Film The 11th Hour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of the Film The 11th Hour - Essay Example The essay "Analysis of the Film The 11th Hour" overviews the film about the irreparable damage caused to the world by the industrial civilization. The speed with which natural resources are depleting is enormous. Habitats of many animal and plant species have been completely destroyed by the global warming, thus causing those species to become extinct. The development is highly unsustainable. If necessary measures are not taken at the 11th hour, the whole world would soon have to regret their unwise and inconsiderate practices. In order to fight against the ever-worsening environmental conditions, it is imperative that we, as responsible citizens, take objective measures on an individual level. We can achieve this by planting seeds, growing trees, and taking care of animals. Solar energy should be used for all kinds of needs instead of fuel and gas. The film projects that these issues are more of political nature than technical. Historically, there have been many political reasons fo r the environment unfriendly practices. The film conveys that the future of Earth lies in the hands of the young generation. What I specifically liked about this movie was the mood in which it conveyed the message. For quite some time, I felt as if I had been watching a great action movie. The action was particularly meaningful because it offered the audience a look into the future. I also like the title of this movie very much. It has been very adequately and purposefully selected and goes excellently with the theme of the movie.

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Allocating Merit Raises Situation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Allocating Merit Raises Situation - Essay Example He exceeds in his teaching because he has taught about 200 students per year. His research is superb because of the two books and over 30 articles that he has written. His service is measurable because of the $80,000 grant he received for the college. He receives 4.9% of $116,000, which is $5,700. Prof. Houseman has also done well in teaching and research, but his service to the university is average. He taught over 400 students per year and has written over 40 articles. Since joining the college 25 years ago, he has given over 30 presentations. He gets $3680, which is 4% of $92,000. Prof. Karas has far exceeded in teaching, won Teacher of the Year Award, and taught about 150 students per year. For four years, he published 12 articles, which is remarkable. However, his service to the college is average. His raise is $3,000, 3% of $100,000. Prof. Ricks far exceeds in his service to the college because of his active role in the community and charity boards. However, his teaching is average and has written only two articles in the last six years. He receives 2% of $135,000, which equals to $2,700. Prof. Franks exceeds in service because he has been at the University for 18 years. He has taught about 150 students per year, so he has met the teaching standards. Nevertheless, he has failed to write any articles during the last four years. He gets $1,350, 1.5% of

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World War 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

World War 3 - Essay Example Moreover, reviews by other authors such as Irvin Howe revealed that Mills article lacked sufficient evidence and factual arguments. Despite such critics, Howe was castigated by student Movements who supported Mills views at the time. The article written by Mills came in the wake of nuclear arms production which he believed was setting the stage for an eminent global war. Interestingly enough, his book received record positive reviews from activists with sales totalling one thousand copies. This was due to the general atmosphere at the time by supporters that a nuclear disaster was imminent. An in depth analysis of Mills theories concerning his believe of a nuclear World War 3, provided sufficient grounds for criticism by Ted Goertzel. One theory that Mills advanced revolved around the role of the power brokers in America and Soviet Union. To this end, Mills believed that the executive and military stakeholders in Pentagon were a dominant force in America’s political sphere. Furthermore, he equally believed that the Kremlin leaders of the Soviet Union were also fomenting its nuclear power for pursuing an impending Armageddon (Groertzel 242). To this end, Mills argued that both power brokers in America and the Soviet Union were manipulating the minds of innocent civilians through the media and consequently leading them towards a nuclear warfare. However, Goertzel disputes this line of thought due to several reasons. Foremost, Goertzel argues that Mill’s failed to justify his theory of military domination in the United States economic sphere. To this end, Goertzel stated that one measure of examining control of power by a specific group was through its control of national income and resources. Thus, if Mills theory on power control by the military was true, it would have reflected on the country economic indicators. Consequently, to poke aspersion into Mills theory, Goertzel draws in statistical evidence from the Gross

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The day I lost my dad

The day I lost my dad The day I lost my dad As my eyes glanced around the room all I could see was my family acting all normal. I felt sick to my stomach with what happened. It felt as if someone had got a knife and poked it in me, and left me to die. My sisters were playing with their dollies. My mum was in the kitchen cooking dinner like usual. Acting as if nothing had happened. It was just a normal boxing day as far as they were concerned. No one has mentioned the incident; It does not look like anyone will. Until we heard this bang at the door â€Å"bang, bang, bang†. We did not know what to do. Me and my sisters just looked at each other. We were all very scared. Until my mum come zooming out of the kitchen. I could tell she was worried to see who was at the door. So she slowly opened the door. It was a very croaky door. Then all of a sudden I could hear my cousins shouting â€Å"Open up Open up it is freezing outside† We all had a sence of relief. All of a sudden we could hear this thunder and this lightning. It just started pouring with rain it was terrifying. Every five minutes we could hear a loud bang and we all jumped out of our seats. My whole family had come now. Every year they come round but after what happened last night my mum told them not to come round. They still did though I just wanted to stop getting the thoughts out of my head about what had happened it was terrifying. I am scared for my little sisters they havent mentioned it. As for my mum I dont see my self ever forgiving her for what she did. It was disgusting I cant stop thinking about all of that blood that was their. While I was in all these thoughts Just thinking about the incident last night. My mum just shouted at me to set the table up. She always calls me, no one else I think she hated me now my dad has gone I have no one to love me. I am so sad it is like a baby who has lost their bottle or their dummy and they just curl up and cry. That is what I want to do, but I have to just forget and grow up. I am eleven years old I need to be strong for my little sisters. I set the table up all by myself no one was helping me. Everyone come to the table we had dinner. It was really strange because not one person asked about him which was really shocking. I know the stories of before my mum got married to my dad. My family never accepted him maybe they know what happened. Maybe they are happy what my mum did last night, how sick is that? All of a sudden while everyone was round the table having dinner. Their was a ring it was the phone but it just rang once. I went to get up to find out who it was but my mum just shouted at me to leave it. My mum has not been the same with me and I dont think she ever will be. Then suddenly their was a knock on the door it. Then all of a sudden I had a really bad gut feeling about the person that was at the door. I was scared; My mum answered the door this time. It was the police they came to inform everyone that my dad got murdered last night. They found his body in the river. They said some one tied him up and put selotape on his lips. They said they cant tell us anything else until they do a post mortem. They said they have got officers asking questions aroud the neighbourhood. Their was an old lady that lives round here that said it looked like you were carrying a body out of your house early hours of the morning. They asked my mum to go down to the police station with them. I felt sick to my stomach, my mum admitted what she did. She had no reason for killing my dad last night. She got life imprisonment. Mine and my sisters lives will never be the same again. I still feel sick as we witnessed everything that had happened. I lost my dad on Christmas day because my mum was selfish I will not ever understand why she did it. Losing my dad felt like apart of me died that day too!